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LACER Afterschool Program

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YOUTHphonics strives to fulfill our mission of providing music education and mentorship through our program at Fairfax High School in collaboration with L.A.C.E.R., a non-profit afterschool literacy and arts based program. As a result of numerous budget cuts to schools in the Los Angeles Unified School District, the choral program at Fairfax High was cut in 2008, leaving students without a formal outlet for vocal music learning and performance.


Since the launch of our program in 2009, we have been determined to fill this void, holding weekly sessions during which we integrate lessons on music theory with fun activities that reinforce singing and beatboxing techniques, and ultimately prepare our students for a joint performance with us at UCLA. As of Fall 2016, our weekly class at Fairfax High School was approved as an official accredited course that our students can take for credit!


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